About Us


Placed somewhere on the boundary between centuries in a place where history left a deep imprint on the area, in the very heart of the charming Transylvania, more precisely exactly at the foot of the bohemian citadel of Sighisoara, the Savri House is a reminiscence of medieval legendary times that awaits you to visit it. It is located on Strada Morii (the Mill Street – Mühlgasse) which was the narrowest section of the European road. The street name refers to the mill placed at the end of the street on Tarnava Mare river.

About Us

The guesthouse is located in the oldest building dated from Sighisoara, as proved by the fresco inscriptions on the facade (year 1568). At that time the owners of the house had their names’ initials engraved on the facade -M and J, along with a pair of shoe soles, which proves that the owner’s job was that of a craftsman shoemaker. The restoration process of the guesthouse reminds us of the style of a museum as one can admire here objects collected over the years and an impressive collection of craftsmen tools from different periods of time.

Savri House is a historic building of Class A ( meaning” of national interest”), which makes it part of World Heritage Site (UNESCO). It is a veritable museum dedicated to the craftsmen, with old authentic handmade pieces gathered from all over Transylvania. The furniture is solid wood, refurbished to the highest standards, the whole process of restoration being carried out over a period of 7 years.

The guesthouse is situated at the foot of the medieval citadel of Sighisoara, a two-minute walk from the commercial and historical centre.

Some of the most popular activities for our guests, for a decent price, are: bicycle trips over the hills of Transylvania, relaxation in Saline, walks in the neighbouring villages: Malancrav, Biertan, Viscri, Saschiz and medieval costumes rental. We can also arrange for a local guide or even the citadel drummer of Sighisoara to take you on the best sightseeing tour of the medieval citadel.


Each room has a unique style, both in terms of furniture and decor items. Each room has a private bathroom with best amenities offered (fine white towels, quality toiletries, slippers and hairdryer) including high-quality body care items.

Wine cellar

The winery has a ceiling of oak beams set on stone slabs which is unique in Sighisoara area.


As a guest of our guest house, you will have access to the terrace overlooking the Sighisoara Medieval Citadel with picnic tables and barbecue equipment. You can also admire here the craftsmen’s working tools – objects that represent some authentic elements of our pension. We welcome you every morning with breakfast – traditional dishes, with aromatic coffee and juices, homemade bread, cheeses, meats and especially fresh local seasonal fruits.